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  • BOOK DONATION UNITED #5000stronger

    BOOK DONATION UNITED #5000stronger
    I have created Book Donation United as one of the submissions I had to develop at Philanthropy University. I have always been too much involved into educational issues and book publications, so I designed some strategies in order to help people to have more access to books and knowledge. Because of the topics addressed in Philanthropy courses, I was able to organize a project according to my budget and accountability. Even with limited resources, we can grow our impact and extend the beneficiaries in local communities. This professionalism and objectivity in developing social practices, I owe Philanthropy University. At our local schools and communities, we do learn a lot about our problems and issues, although we do not learn to tackle them with a business-mind set, and this may lead to people spending too much money and not reaching their target. Therefore, we who have taken the courses at Philanthropy University; have an even more important role in our countries and communities - we have the task of changing people’s mind and behavior towards more effective social practice. It is useless to keep blaming the government, the past or politicians for so many mistakes and necessities we see around. It is high time we take the responsibilities to making the changes we wish to see. In the past three years, Book Donation United has saved more than 5.000 books from litter and taken them into the hands of people who are eager to read them. Literature books are timeless and a great treasure of humanity.
    Mônica Mastrantonio
    +55 11 99495-1886
    +1(305) 890-7815![alt text](![image url](image url))

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