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  • How Philanthropy University Helped My Organization to Refocus our Vision and Mission Objective.

    ![alt text](agrih omnipreurship 075.jpg image url)How Philantrophy University Helped My Organization to Refocus our Vision and Mission Objective.****
    I am Among the First beneficiaries of Philanthropy University Courses, I Enrolled in September 2015. I participated, completed the 7 Courses. And got My Social Sector Leadership Certificate in January 2016. During the Course I was among the first Five Participants that where given A free E- Book, Unedited copy by Amr-Al-dabaq when the Book was yet to be Launched Officially. As a commendation gift.

    Equipped with the Knowledge, a new dimension has been planted in me, in the Philanthropy Concept ,The idea of “GLOBAL SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP “. So I step down the Concept of “OMNIPRENEURSHIP” (the way to live right and impact your generation as a Social entrepreneur to a Chartered Professional Body, Chartered institute of Global Communications and Diplomacy in Nigeria on the 6th of May 2016.( A Body made up of Professors, Doctors(phd)Masters Holders and Graduates, Entrepreneurs, CEOS of Private and public organizations). The Venue was MERIT HOUSE ABUJA (The National Award Center in Nigeria.) (SEE VIDEO AND PICTURE)
    Because of the interesting nature of the course, I retake the course in 2017, and was Awarded The Certificate in social Sector in June 2017. Social Sector Leadership I am among the First Participants that Participated in the BETATEST ,contributed to the survey for the New website from Nigeria on Phone, skype and emails. And Among the first that Tested the New website.
    I have registered for 3 (three) New courses coming up soon.
    (1) Planning for monitoring and Evaluation.
    (2) Girl centered Design.
    (3) Human Capital Strategy.
    And at the End of the Course I will be able to diversify into some Programme areas that could really touch the Heart of People in the rural Areas and be able to Monitor effectively the Activities of the New projects , Programmes in My organizations Frame works and Action plan .so as to Achieve Goals .
    If given the Opportunity with the Grant. I will be able to Develop a campaign awareness on PU and Step down training for some local NGOS CEOS in my locality, about Philanthropy University courses within 21 days after receiving the grant . How I benefitted, and how they could access the Course and use it for the scale up of there organizations Programmes.

    agrih omnipreurship 079.jpg agrih omnipreurship 086.jpg agrih omnipreurship 093.jpg agrih omnipreurship 098.jpg agrih omnipreurship 010.jpg agrih omnipreurship 109.jpg agrih omnipreurship 070.jpg agrih omnipreurship 075.jpg agrih omnipreurship 176.jpg agrih omnipreurship 170.jpg agrih omnipreurship 182.jpg agrih omnipreurship 385.jpg

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