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  • Reality of philanthropy and philanthropists in indian context.

    Reality of philanthropy and philanthropists in indian context, is a subject of vast significance.
    Here philanthropy is deep rooted with religion not with mankind. While religion is made for mankind but the same has proved harmful when we see philanthropic approach highly influenced by the religion.
    Also philanthropists in india are not free from the greed of name and fame. Under such pre decided attitude the benefits of philanthropic work goes to the near and dear one which may not be right and deserving.
    Also philanthropy work is mostly seen over written and over run by social work and political work promises, while these both directly or indirectly indented to get huge personal and family gains in terms of parties and organization.
    So we need to find scopes where philanthropy and philanthropists exists only for philanthropic work and serve the cause for good using least of return for self only for simplest living, in cas have no other sources. Therefore ultimately it is intention and the use if intention for humanity on equal bases for all deserving irrespective of religion, community, country.
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