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  • Introduce yourself to the community! -Ecuador

    Hi everyone,

    Welcome to the Ecuador community of practice! My name is Jason and I’m a community manager here at Philanthropy University.

    Please use this topic to introduce yourselves to everyone else in the community. What is your name? Where do you live? Where do you work? What is your role? Why did you choose to join this community?

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  • Hello Ecuador Community! My name is Rachel, I am the English/Volunteer Coordinator and Development Officer for the James Dean Byrd Foundation in Canoa, Manabí. We work to sustain an elementary school, Los Algarrobos School. It's the only alternative to the public school system in the county. We offer a strong English program, have a class size maximum of 20 students, and are working to build a computer lab. I joined the community because I hope to meet other like minded people in Ecuador, working to make the world and kinder place, and maybe we can support each other's work!

  • Hi, my name is Jane Sloan and I've and work in the tropical area of the Cotopaxi province near to La Mana. I am owner/ director of a wildlife reserve and a wildlife rehabilitation centre. I am jointing this community in order to meet others working in NGO's in Ecuador and to be able to exchange stories and ideas

  • Hello,

    My name is Polina Kankiya. I am from Ecuador. I live in Guayaquil. I am a marketing professional, who offers consulting services for companies, some of them included cancer foundations; in addition, I come from a family that worked with foundations. I would like to gain more in-depth knowledge about fundraising. So my goal is to learn more about fundraising, to learn how to network with potential donors, how to search and raise money to help people, and other necessary tips. I would like to have my own foundation to help blind people in Ecuador, since there are so many people that lack guide dogs; in addition, I would like to train dogs to rescue people after earthquakes. I am here to learn the tips to create my own foundation.

  • @jason said in Introduce yourself to the community! -Ecuador:

    What is your name? Where do you live? Where do you work? What is your role? Why did you choose to join this community?

    Hello Jason and all the ecuadorean community.

    My name is Johanna Ochoa, I am an enviromental engineer and I have a master's in development practice. I am from Cuenca, and right now I work as a consultant and also I am a uni lecturer. I chose to join this community because I am thinking of starting working with people in my community and I think this course will give me valuabkle information in order to do things right and also to meet more people doing similar projects all over the world ;)

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