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  • Grades don't define kids

    A local teacher flogged an eight year old kid because she was unable to solve a question in mathematics, I can't imagine the torture like a thief, and she's always condemning every kids in her classroom comparing them with one another.

    Yesterday some of the kids especially the younger ones finds it difficult to hold a pro camera but that won't be a reason to condemn or flog a life out of them. They don't use it in their houses, it not part of their writing materials so how do I expect them to know how to hold a camera? Or take pictures with it?.

    For the fact that a kid failed a particular subject doesn't make him/her a dullard or doesn't mean that kid won't be great in life, as a teacher it your duty to pray for all your kids and help them build their world and not condemn them. I hated mathematics because my maths teacher is blabla, I don't love English because my English teacher is never blabla these are few complaints from kids.

    Kids comes from different background therefore they're expected to learn in a different method, many teachers/schools have created #FEARS in the life of many parents/kids with the belief that until they know Mathematics, Chemistry, English etc they can't be someone in life.

    Excuse me! What happen to a kid who loves to paint? Play instrument? Draw/sketch? Dance? Etc rather than condemning have you as a teacher help that child be a better person in that area of interest. As a teacher you also need to be PATIENT to help kids discover his/her area of interest, some teacher may not know because all they care about is their salary especially those incompetent ones who only teach because that is the only available job.

    Aunty teacher and Uncle teacher, kindly note that the classrooms has rules, do not impact wrongly into the lives of a generation you will be remembered for it. Their poor grades do not define their tomorrow help them get better, help them build a better tomorrow, they need you to discover them.

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