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  • At one time I accepted i was faced with a risk of having building materials vandalised or stolen due to to inappropriate starage. I accepted the risk because the country was facing hyper inflation and chances tat the materials were not going to be available if I delayed buying by even 2 days. I had to buy the materials and tried to beef-up security for them

  • It is extremely important to plan for risks and how to respond to it, it is also important to know when to accept a risk as a way of response. During the risk identification stage, it is good that one plans for other options or contingencies, I think with your various options and contingency plan, that will be the right time to accept risks.
    One risk that I accepted was inflation and exchange rate, it was anticipated to affect the implementation of one of our deliverable in a project. However, there was a contingent plan to respond to that so when it happened all i did was to accept it by using my other options while monitoring the situation.

  • @MphoH said in Module 3 Discussion: Accepting Risks:

    One time that I accepted a risk was during a sterilisation campaign and we had huge issues trying to locate the correct homes to collect the animals from. Some of the areas we work are in low income areas and some houses are unaccessible or non existent compared to the maps, roads are in poor condition etc. I accepted it because I knew that we could ask for assistance from the community leaders who would be able to guide us to the right homes in most cases and also because there were so many unsterilised animals in that area, that we were bound to find enough numbers even if not from specified houses.

    Asking for assistance to locate the houses is a beautiful way to accept the risk.

  • @Nathfem said in Module 3 Discussion: Accepting Risks:

    I registered for a program for two months,and it lasted for three months.

    I can only imagine the convenience that could have caused. The time flame of one month is too huge when it was not planned.

  • One time that I accepted a risk was when the value of my country's currency reduced and the exchange rate dwindled thereby leading to difficulty in purchasing items already budgeted for. We had to contact the donors however before going ahead to spend above the budget rates.

  • For a period of about three to four months one of our research community has to be in a stand still of work due to tribal issues as a result of Kingship which pulled our research work backwards and have to accept the risk of not finishing our work on time.

  • When both the likelihood and impact are of lesser extent. I accepted when I decided to raised money for my organization by well wishers were responding in low numbers. At the same time, I identify that if people fail to give to the organization, I'm likely to fail from proceeding into the next level I prepared for.

  • In my case, my country, we usually encounter many risks. Some of them we accepted because we know it is common and it won/t affect our project.

  • One time we decided to have a borehole in the organization premises. We knew there would be the risk of getting low water mass and community interference but had to accept and prepare on how to handle the risk when it comes. Firstly we went and talked to the community and and agreed that if there will be sufficient water we shall give out for free, and the community would be glad and protect the borehole from vandalism.

  • One time I had to run the activity, while the release of the budget allocated for that was still pending, due to some regulatory measures and time constraint. I accepted the risk, and went on. The budget came three days after the event, i was able to complete the documentary requirements for payment and liquidation. I wouldn't do it if i had no guarantee, anyway.

  • There has been moments that I have accepted risk. This was because the risk level by assessment of its likelihood and impact was somewhat insignificant to project activities.
    Thank you.

  • I am tasked to manage a micro-finance program which runs the risks of little or no return because the borrowers are all survivors of an armed conflict.

    I have accepted the fact that no amount of values formation training make sense if the ecosystem around basic needs are not addressed by other duty bearers.

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