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  • How to write a dissertation quickly - essayhub

    The structure of a doctoral dissertation
    Writing a doctoral dissertation takes a long period of time. In most cases, you will have three to four years to write your work. Another 2 to 3 years should be taken into account for writing articles and participating in conferences. Therefore it is important to draw up an individual plan of work for your future dissertation, coordinating the time of writing each section with your supervisor.

    The structure of a classic research paper assumes the following elements:

    Title page with the title of the topic of the doctoral dissertation.
    Table of contents.
    Abstract - reveals the purpose and content of the thesis.
    Introduction - justification of why this research is relevant.
    Main chapters - represent the stages of consideration of the topic under study, beginning with the statement of the problem and its step-by-step implementation. ending with the practical benefits of the implementation of the idea.
    Conclusion - practical results and benefits from the implementation of the idea.
    List of references used.
    When working on the thesis such sections as the abstract, introduction and conclusion should be written with maximum attention. They will be read in the first place. Only then move on to the main part.

    At the final stage of the work it is necessary to write an abstract - this is an abridged version of the thesis for a doctoral degree. On average, takes about 40 printed pages, has the following structure:

    Introduction - briefly describes the importance and relevance of the research.
    The main part - the content of the results in a concise form. Reflects the methods and progress of the study.
    Conclusion - an abbreviated version of the thesis chapter.
    Bibliography - a list of used literature.
    List of works published during doctoral studies and before it.
    On the final page of the thesis abstract are placed:

    surname, first name, patronymic and signature of the applicant;
    information about the scientific supervisor and official opponents;
    The place where the thesis was prepared is indicated;
    the name of the leading organization is printed.

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