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  • How To Do RAR Password Recovery More Efficiently

    It happened several days ago, when i bought this my new laptop and moved all my files from my old one. Some of my friends suggested me to pack things up and archive in .rar format. At that time, i was thinking i should encrypt my rar file with password. So, i did it. But a few days later, when i started to open the encrypted file, i failed to remember the password. Now i am not able to open it, but it is really important for me. Anyone who could help me hack my forgotten rar password would be greatly appreciated.

    It is a commonplace occurrence for people to forget rar password today. I am quite sure many of you may have encountered similar experience. Actually, to recover a forgotten rar password is not that difficult.

    Rar password unlocker is specially designed to recover the forgotten winrar/rar password that created in winrar 4.11 and its previous versions. Rar archive with an encrypted file name is also supported. Now follow the tutorial below to do rar password recovery in an efficient way.

    Download this rar password remover, install and launch it to see the cool interface. Click open to import the locked rar archive.

    Option 1: brute-force attack

    Applicable condition: if the encrypted rar file is created by others and you know nothing about the password, please choose this one, and it will cost a much longer time.

    Operation: check the first option - brute-force attack, and click start button to run password cracking.

    Option 2: brute-force with mask attack

    Applicable condition: you are the one who set rar password and can remember a bit information about the password, such as password length, uppercase, lowercase, numbers, symbols, prefix and suffix, the cracking time will be greatly shortened by brute-force with mask attacks.

    Operation: check the second option - brute-force with mask attack in the first tab, and then set the information you know in second tab (the more accurate you set, the quicker you will get the password), and finally click start button to begin winrar password recovery.

    Note: if you set prefix and suffix, please remember to remove them from the password length. That is to say, if your forgotten rar password contains 5-9 characters, and it starts with "m", ends with "n", then the min length should be 3, and the max length should be 7.

    Option 3: dictionary attack

    Applicable condition: nowadays, there are many powerful dictionaries for password crack, not only includes the english words, but also the common password combinations with an amount of tens of thousands. But you should know that the larger the dictionary is, the longer the cracking time is.

    What is more, you can set your own dictionary, if you are the one tend to use a limited range of symbols in the password, such as nickname, birthday, telephone numbers, important days or anything similar. Input them in text document as each line, and save it.

    Operation: check the third option - dictionary attack in the first tab, import the dictionary in txt format in third dictionary tab, the default dictionary is also available, and then start password cracking.

  • If you are the person who set the rar password and you can remember some information about it, such as the password's length, whether uppercase or lowercase letters were used, numbers, symbols, prefixes, and suffixes slope game
    , then the time it takes to crack the password using brute force with a mask attack will be significantly reduced. Very interesting!

  • Use Specialized Software: Utilize dedicated RAR password recovery software such as RAR Password Unlocker, PassFab for RAR, or WinRAR Password Cracker psl live streaming. These tools are specifically designed to efficiently recover RAR passwords using various techniques such as brute force, dictionary attacks, and mask attacks.

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