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    NEW: Share and Discuss Crowdfunding Platforms! 07-SEP-2018 Fundraising and Resource Mobilization


    Check out this open google document to contribute ideas about crowdfunding!

    Hello everyone! ( @all )

    We have noticed that in this Fundraising and Resource Mobilization community of practice, several people have asked questions about crowdfunding.

    Crowdfunding–the practice of acquiring capital (usually through the Internet) for a start-up or nonprofit by fundraising from many small contributors–can be a powerful tool for NGOs and nonprofits. M-Changa (a Philanthropy University partner), for instance, is a Kenyan platform for crowdfunding that is the largest of its kind in Africa.

    Because it is a topic people would like to know more about, let's build a list of crowdfunding tools here!

    Please respond to the questions below and reply to each other's posts!

    1. What crowdfunding platforms could be effective tools for people in this community?
    2. Do you have experiences with crowdfunding platforms that you would like to share?
    3. What advice do you have for members of this community about crowdfunding for their projects?
    9 Replies
  • 52 Replies
    1. I have not heard of the word crowdfunding platform before, it's s very strange thing for me but am very happy am learning here.
    2. I have not used it before but will bring up projects that will make me use it.
    1 Reply

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