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  • Education as a consideration

    While we all really want to revolutionise the world physical ideas are not always the only answer.

    Apps, games, robots - these are very interesting approach yet campaigns and talks were still held. Why? Because deep down we know education solve problems from its core instead of solving our mistakes.

    We don't need to necessarily introduce a new concept that will require everyone to start learning from scratch, but won't insights and inspirations always spark some ideas?

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  • yes yes, I agree. Education is very important and I hope I am able to learn more with the expertise in coding and robotic area.

  • As I am from a developing country, India. Education plays a very important role in enhancing and helps in fast development. There are many NGOs that are working to provide best possible facilities to the marginalized sections so that they can get good quality of education. I also wanted to something in the education sector and this course is providing me with some important insights.

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