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  • In the non-profit world M & E is very important. Specially to donors and sponsors to learn the impact of their gift.

  • From the illustrations of the two fictional projects, i have observed that, MEH does not have indicators which will act as milestones to achieving the goal of improving girls lives and furthermore, they do not have targets to help them denote how far they have gone in the achieving specific indicators.

  • It was interesting. I learned a lot.

  • M&E helps individuals or organizations to prepare and know how they are faring in a particular project and device means of dealing with any challenge that the organization is faced with on daily basis and the way forward to produce better yield

  • Le suivi et évaluation est très capital pour un projet à ce sens qu'à l'issu des activités de suivi des informarmations sont régulièrement colletées pour renseigner sur l'avancement des activités en vue d'une prise de décision pour amélioration de la qualité de la mise en oeuvre des activités. L'évaluation est effectuée pour s'imprégner de comment les activités ont concouru au changement et à l'atteinte des résultats et de l'objectif du projet

  • Here is a good scenario that helps me get the overall idea of the M&E plan

  • it good for me to understand that because it is my weakness or my organizational weakness to get fist there M&E paln.

  • Monitoring makes it possible to assess the progress of the implementation of the project and to make the necessary adjustments as needed. the evaluation makes it possible to assess whether the objectives of the project have been achieved and to what extent.
    Monitoring and evaluation is essential for the proper implementation of a project.

  • M&E is very cardinal in any project to make sure that the deliverable align with outputs and outcomes and impact is known

  • 120 small businesses borrowed 200 dollars from MEH within 6 months. This amount of money significantly helped small businesses to enhance their productivity in such areas as agriculture, hand-craft, and farms business. The representatives from the MEH are regularly recording the progress of their businesses and while monitoring the work progress, they are able to tackle any negative impact which might cause their businesses. Fot this reason, all small business are doing great job.

  • Monitory and evaluation has so many benefits including;

    • It results in good transparency and accountability because of the tracking, analyzing and report of a project during the M&E phase.
  • The M&E is really an important part of any project. This helps the project team to come up with Mitigation strategies for the risks and reduce biasness more especially relying on data.

    Planning on the project summary properly will probably help one to accomplish their impact of the study.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation is essential for any project as Monitoring and Evaluation provides indicators for project success. These indicators are essential as they form part of the lessons to be adopted for future projects . Monitoring and evaluation helps identify risks before they occur and ways of counteracting the risks by either avoiding,transfer or facing the risks this can be done by use of a risk matrix .Monitoring and evaluation is an essential reporting tool as it helps the project team in coming up with the project report.

  • This course is good

  • Best course I have ever met

  • This enable me to have the knowledge on how to come up with aproject, decide on the goals and the objectives, initiate it and develope monitoring and evaluation plan which will greatly help to measure the progress of the project to its completion and

  • This is very interesting. Thank you people

  • The importance of M&E is to check your work and balanced it whether you have succeed

  • To understand the importance of M&E plan, i can take the example of two students : the first has defined a learning's timetable that he manages to possibly conform to, whereas the second doesn't have any. On the basis of equality, one can say that, the first is more likely to have a better undestanding of the courses and hence pass his exams. The risk of not having a timetable when studying is, the student may be surprised by time and will be forced to allocate extra time, if possible, to learning. In most cases, this situation leads to frustration because the student tries to assimilate many things at the same time, this way of doing may not be effective.

  • The logframe for Good Girl: Game On! will be:

    The Input:
    Social media contents & online events
    The Risk & Assumption
    The target audience does not have enough mobile data to access our social media contents or online events

    The Output:
    Girls learn from our contents.
    The Risk & Assumption
    The girls are not interested by our contents, or
    our contents are read by wrong people (not our target audience)

    The Outcome:
    Girls practice what they learn from our social media contents
    The Risk & Assumption
    They don't have any support to do it

    The Impact:
    Safe space for all
    The Risk & Assumption
    There are still toxic people joining the community, or
    There are new people who join who doesn't understand how our safe community works because they haven't been exposed to our social media contents

  • Just to say something about MEH. I think measuring the number of businesses they helped established is a better measurement of their objective.
    As I learn more about the course, I'll revisit this with more reasons.

  • This is a document is important because organizations can use it to track and assess the results of the interventions throughout a program or an activity.

  • An M&E plan is essential for any project/ program, as it provides with a platform to build good quality outcomes. If you have planned your monitoring and evaluation framework appropriately you save a lot of time and resources which might otherwise have been wasted in correcting misdoings.

  • Creating the M&E plan prior enacting any projects that is great start for projects development and success

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  • Helps in data collection used to measure project progress
    Helps in tracking performance overtime
    Helping in making informed decisions about the project
    Helps in the utilization of project resources
    Helps in achieving the project's objectives
    Helps measure outcomes linked to the project

    Preparing for Risks and Assumptions helps in outlining the steps needed to improve the project and ensure that the impact inteded is achieved in the long run. The

  • Le mesure de donné et les indicateurs de résultat et de performance ne doivent-ils pas être connue pendant le montage du projet elle même?

    1. Help Organization to measure their progress and access.
    2. Tracking results over time.
    3. Essentials to the time of Resource Management (fund)
  • M&E improves decision-making
    Data should drive decisions. M&E processes provide the essential information needed to see the big picture. After a project wraps up, an organization with good M&E can identify mistakes, successes, and things that can be adapted and replicated for future projects. Decision-making is then influenced by what was learned through past monitoring and evaluation.

  • Quite insightful examples

  • M&E are necessary tools for the success of the project, reaching the outcomes.

  • M&E is important to track the progress of planned activities and ultimately measure if the set objective is achieved and desired out comes are met.

  • M&E will allow to understand the progress agaist envisaged outcomes, learn from the past and raise awareness

  • M&E plans for GOOD and MEH can be reachable. The GOOD M&E plan was executed more efficiently but the next was not. MEH I believe will take a little more researching and developing because there is a question of accountability due to the loans that will be given out.

  • M&E is important for -

    1. measuring the progress of a project.
    2. to identify the shortfalls if something goes wrong during the implementation of any project or activity.
    3. to measure the success of a project or activity.
  • The MEH process is important for the following reasons:
    -track progress and make adjustments to ensure project stays on track
    -measure success
    -improvements that are needed for the quality of the project
    -allows the ability to identify problems before they become major issue
    -produces accountability for project outcomes

  • For HEM it would be better to link the number of loans to the numbers of the realized businesses. This way they can learn about how to go to help the maximum of people to build good businesses.

  • M& E helps each project to reach their specific objects and goals. It helps the project team to monitor the progress of the project and activities and they will be able to measure the success of the project.

  • The M&E keeps you on track, that is it make sure your aims of the project is achieve

  • M&E is importance in the process of project management inorder to get / achieve the expected outcome/ impact of the project. Monitoring happens during the implementation of the activities and it needs to done by the project staff (Project manager, program officer, field officer). Evaluation happens at the end of each activity/ project. It can be done by the external person / experts in this profession and sometimes person from the Organization also can do. Some organization specifically have MEAL officer. M&E enable us to track the project in each phase.

  • M&E helps to track our progress and achievement of the project to learn and modify if necessary in a better way.

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    • The M&E is important for planning project to achieve the outcomes,
    • To have the global vision over the implementation of project,
    • To have a good information in time...
  • Developing project M&E plan is important for assessing if project objectives are met. How project will collect data to measure project performance are discussed in the M&E plan.
    M&E is important for project implementers to know if progress has been made, and if the project has reached the right target population.

  • It is essential because it help us understand, gives us a holistic view of the process of achieving our objectives more.

  • It is essential because it help us understand, gives us a holistic view of the process of achieving our objectives more.

    Unrealistic targets hampers on the actualization of the objectives of a project action.
    Targets should commiserate with the dynamics of an intending project objective and the realities on ground

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  • l'importance de S&E est de mesurer et d'analyser les resultat dun projet ou initiative.

  • M&E is very important because he helps the project team for to reach all the goals of the project and inform the team ongoing the implementation of the project if they must correct something for to reach the objectives of the project that they must follow with the M&E plan that they must build before the implementation of the project.

  • M & E helps organization or teams to have a layout plans and goals for a project including timelines

  • M&E plan is the project road map. It consists of our indicators and KPIs. Indicators and KPIs are our guideline to monitor and evaluate the activities and try to achieve it.

  • Great piece especially form the GOOD project staff emphasising the importance of having clear goals and targets within a defined time frame and the need to be clear on how progress will be measured from the very start of the project.
    This as well requires well defined roles and responsibilities assigned to the different tasks. Listening to beneficiary feedback and testimonies helps also in concretizing the change
    Adaptive learning will equality help in adjustments of plans

  • Preparing a plan forms an essential of a project.

  • M&E helps provide a clear road map for a project to all stakeholders and helps to monitor the progress and detect any changes that may affect the overall outcome of the project.

  • Monitoring and evaluation is so important in organizations because it helps one to know the goals of the project, the objectives and then plan on how to achieve the planned objectives by continuously assessing the progress of the project to see if they are on track. If found not to be on track then the find means to se how they can improve.

    M&E also helps the donors to track the progress of the project through the annual reports and make evaluations if they are still in line with their initial plan. Its is so important in that without it the projects will move on without any direction.

  • I am looking forward to learning how to create and implement a strong M&E framework

  • M&E is a tool that defines the mission and vision of the project, the scope and actualizing the mission

  • M & E assists projects to know exactly what to measure and how to measure the success of projects.
    It assists to know when to measure the progress.
    Provides a guide on the project flow.
    Gives a clear guide on what to communicate to donors.

  • According to my understanding, firstly planning and she knows what the goals are, also know how well they are doing. also they have plan of how to collect information and how the projects can improved

  • It's well acceptable and important

  • Wow, so much of interest

  • Importance of M&E
    Monitoring and Evaluation serves divers purposes which are but not limited to:
    1 It help help project developers or planners to define the goal of the project.
    2 It help project developer to define indicators.
    3 it help project planners define method of collecting data.
    4 it help project planners to use data collected to track project progress or performance.
    5 It help project planner to measure the extent which the project has achieved it set goal.
    6 it help the project planners to measure the overall impact of the project on the target people.
    7 It help project planners to make informed decision on whether the project can be sustained.

  • M&E is important for every project as it helps in guiding our work and keeping the project team on tract to attaining the set objectives using the agreed upon performance indicators.

  • M&E help in maintaining track of the project's progress towards achieving the objectives.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation helps one to set clear goal and objectives of his project.
    It also enables one to find ways of achieving the set goals.
    It further enables one to find out ways how he / she will measure the success of his project.

  • as the importance of M and E

    there are two projects in kenya that provide micro-loans and project that will help local girls to open savings accounts. GOOD

  • To my own understanding so far,
    This means M&E is all about how data are monitored before and during the project processes and how it can be examined to have achieved the project goals and objectives to the donor

  • Monitoring helps to measure progess and track performance of a project. Evaluation on the other hands measures how projects activities helps to achieve objectives of the project

  • The M&E plan is crucial to both our own and organizational projects in order to get successful projects.

  • The concept is so clear

  • To know the goals of the project.
    To know how well the project is doing (its progress)
    To know problems right away and make changes.
    To determine the success of the project.
    To know the strength and weaknesses of the project.

  • M&E is important because it provides the people in charge of a project with a way to measure progress, what information to collect and which indicators they should track. this eventually aids in the reporting of the projects successes to the donors.

  • Evaluation helps organizations measure progress towards their goals and objectives, as well as identify areas of strength and weakness. This is an essential part of the decision-making process and can provide invaluable insight into where improvements need to be made and what successes need to be recognised and celebrated.

  • Evaluation helps organizations measure progress towards their goals and objectives, as well as identify areas of strength and weakness. This is an essential part of the decision-making process and can provide invaluable insight into where improvements need to be made and what successes need to be recognised and celebrated.

  • I believe that M&E helps to provide a framework for assessing the performance and effectiveness of projects and other initiatives. This in turn helps organizations, governments and other stakeholders to remain accountable for their actions, ensuring that resources are used efficiently and transparently.

  • Some project in Viet Nam also do M&E but this form is diffirent~

  • M & E are important components of project management. Monitoring is the process of tracking performance against objectives over the life of a project to ensure the completion of proposed activities, the implementation of strategies and the achievement of expected outcomes. Evaluation, on the other hand, uses monitoring data to assess performance systematically in order to identify areas of success and improvement.

    Monitoring and evaluation serve as quality assurance for projects and can help identify issues and provide direction for corrective action as needed. They help to ensure that the requirements and expectations of stakeholders have been met, and help to verify return on investment for projects and their sponsors.

    Monitoring and evaluation also provide evidence of project effectiveness and can serve as a valuable source of information for future projects. By analyzing project performance, lessons learned can be applied to future endeavors, improving their likelihood of success. Furthermore, data from monitoring and evaluation can help inform policies and programs related to the project at hand so that the positive change created by the project can be sustained in the long term.

  • MEH needs to clearly put its goal (Number of Beneficiaries going to be supported, Project duration, Expected Outcomes, Data Collection tools at each microloan sites to collect data Regularly and need to collect other qualitative and quantitative data. Finally Based on regular monitoring finally it need to plan to check the degree of outcome change versus the effort made.

  • Le SE est capital pour un projet de développement. Il permet de suivre l'évolution, d'ajuster si nécessaire les interventions et d'apprécier les réalisations à court, moyen et long terme.

  • 1- M&N well help to achieve project goal
    2- improve the project
    2- will help to be able to catch the problem right away and make any necessary changes.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is an integral part of any project or program. It is used to ensure that the objectives of the project or program are being met in an effective and efficient manner. It also provides stakeholders with progress reports regarding the outcomes and impacts of the project or program, and can highlight the areas that require improvement or focus. M&E also provides invaluable information to stakeholders as it helps to assess overall performance and identify areas for improvement, for the next iteration of the project or program. It also provides a method for assessing the effectiveness of the strategies implemented and the subsequent results. Ultimately, M&E plays a key role in helping organizations reach desirable outcomes and maximize the impacts of projects or programs.

    M & E also helps to determine the cost effectiveness of any project or program. The information gathered from the M&E process can be used to inform future allocations of resources to ensure the project is receiving the most value for the money spent. Additionally, M&E can help to identify areas of wastage or inefficiency and allow for the necessary changes to be made to increase effectiveness.

    Finally, M & E helps to ensure transparency and accountability of projects and programs. By providing stakeholders with insight into the effectiveness of the project, it allows for the necessary changes to be made with the goal of achieving improved results. This ensures that all stakeholders understand the importance of the project and its purpose, while holding those responsible accountable for its outcomes.

  • This is an exciting course. Looking forward to learning more.

  • Hi everyone, I am James Harso, just re-enroll the training, hope I can learn more in this training.

  • In my opinion both the projects need properly M&E plan for achieving the desired objectives. for this purpose proper KPIs should be developed and the quarterly monitoring should be conducted

  • Regarding the example of the 2 projects GOOD showcases that it crucial to know about beneficiary feedback their view on the project if it is making an impact. The project are designed to solve a particular problem and if at all they are not changing a life or following the objectives the project will not be a success
    As we see with the MEH they don't have a target.

  • The M&E plan is of great importance to the management of the project and the project team. Thanks to it, team members know what needs to be measured and when. This enables activities to be carried out effectively in the field.

  • M &E is importance gor;
    1, M&E results in better transparency and accountability
    2, M&E helps organizations catch problems early
    3, M&E helps ensure resources are used efficiently

  • M&E is not just a process to assess project results; it is a fundamental tool for achieving accountability, learning, evidence-based decision-making, and ultimately, successful and impactful projects. It is an essential component of any well-managed and effective program, ensuring that resources are used wisely and positive change is achieved.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation it help us to plan how activities of project will be succeed on timeline to the schedule

  • This sounds interesting already. I hope to ensure MEH gets a good M&E plan in the end

  • Well by all indication M&E is very crucial to organization as it help monitoring the beginning to an end of the project which helps out in informed decision taking and making

    • M&E helps us to gauge if the project has achieve its long term goal.
    • It's through M&E that we can see if our project had some impact to the intended beneficiaries.
    • Monitoring helps us see if resources are used correctly
  • This module is very important if you are beginners in the Monitoring and Evaluation field

  • Surely this is beneficial, i have gained in knowledge on the importance of Monitoring which helps to measure progress of a project
    Monitoring healps to track perfomance
    It helps to monitor efficiency utilisation of recources

    and Evaluation provides direction of the project being implemented

  • The M&E plan for Microfinance for Expanding Horizons (MEH):

    1. Objectives:
      • Empower girls economically through microfinance.
      • Facilitate the establishment of successful businesses.
      • Improve the economic status of loan recipients' families.
    2. Key Indicators:
      • Number of microloans disbursed to girls.
      • Number of businesses started by loan recipients.
      • Increase in income levels of loan recipients.
      • Percentage of loans repaid on time.
      • Change in the economic status of loan recipients' families.
      • Qualitative feedback from loan recipients about the impact of the loans.
    3. Baseline Data Collection:
      • Conduct a survey to collect baseline data on the economic situation of the target community, the status of girls' economic participation, and any existing microfinance initiatives.
    4. Data Collection Methodologies:
      • Quarterly surveys to track the number of microloans disbursed and the number of businesses started.
      • Interviews and focus group discussions with loan recipients to gather qualitative feedback on the impact of the loans.
      • Analysis of repayment records to track loan repayment rates.
      • Regular income assessments of loan recipients to measure changes in income levels.
    5. Data Analysis and Reporting:
      • Data analysis will be conducted quarterly by the M&E team.
      • A comprehensive report will be prepared and shared with the MEH team, donors, and stakeholders annually.
      • The report will include progress against key indicators, analysis of successes and challenges, and recommendations for improvement.
    6. Data Management:
      • Data will be stored securely in a centralized database accessible only to authorized personnel.
      • Regular data backups will be conducted to prevent data loss.
    7. Feedback and Learning:
      • Feedback will be actively sought from loan recipients through surveys and discussions to understand their needs and challenges better.
      • Lessons learned and best practices will be documented and shared within the MEH team to promote continuous learning.
    8. Stakeholder Engagement:
      • MEH staff, loan recipients, donors, and community members will be engaged in the M&E process through regular meetings and consultations.
    9. Budget and Resources:
      • Allocate a portion of the project budget for M&E activities, including data collection tools, staff training, and analysis software.
    10. Review and Update:
      • The M&E plan will be reviewed annually to ensure its relevance and effectiveness.
      • Adjustments will be made to the plan if there are significant changes in project activities or goals.
      By following this M&E plan, MEH can effectively track its progress, measure the impact of its microfinance program, and make data-driven decisions to achieve its objectives successfully.
  • I think M & E plan provides a blueprint that orients a project towards its intended objectives and goals. By so doing it enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the project.

  • I agree with you. It allows one to track the progress of a project and learn lessons that redirect the project on the right track.

  • M&E is an important skill to harness and it helps a project where it is to where it is going. Diversions do happen but with the skill of m&e one can accurately trace where the problem lies and go back to the drawing table to correct it.
    Effective monitoring and evaluation will eventually disable wastes and ensure an effective use of resources

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