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  • Course Facilitator

    Washing hands for 20 seconds THEORY

    Worldwide because of COVID-19, We have been listening and implementing on this saying to wash our hands for 20 seconds minimum.
    some of the following are precautions when to wash your hands:

    • after coughing and sneezing

    • When caring of sick

    • Before, during and after you prepare food

    • before eating

    • after toilet use

    • after handling animals or animal waste

    There are many more points where we require to wash our hands.

    My concern here is that COVID-19 which has damaged the health, economy and financial states worldwide is a big loss. Now the thing is we all worldwide washing our hands for 20 seconds after every point that has been mentioned above is a serious threat to water deficiency on mother earth. We are facing such a hardship around the globe because of COVID-19, are we people looking after the water reservation arrangements?
    Every one of us using a minimum five times much water than our previous daily routines and not worrying about the fact that what if water gets reduced in upcoming years?
    We should look after this and make a promise to ourselves to use water as less as we can because the next thing for sure we would face is the water stroke.

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