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  • education, the montessori way

    Education globally especially in Nigeria, is something that should be overemphasized, especially within the period of 0-6 years. most parents are nonchalant about this period of children's development. but its the most essential and crucial period of life.
    that's where Montessori methods comes in. Montessori is a new system of education that is centered on the child and most schools are yet to inculcate this method into their system. I strongly believe its a system that can change the political and social history of mankind, since children are meant to be the leaders of tomorrow.
    according to Maria Montessori a child's mind is not Tabula Raza(empty vessel) at birth. and believes nature has endowed the child, with predetermined psychic pattern unfolding, which means the child is born with innate potentials as a spiritual embryo. which is a period of mental construction. this is a period where the child absorbs impression and information from the environment through the absorbent mind and sensitivity. so anything the child fails to learn this period he struggles with for life. maria Montessori believed that the future of the world is depended on us teaching our children the basic principles of peace education since she lived during the period of global upheaval. this belief is reflected in Montessori schools today, where there is a great emphasis on community both the classroom community and the wider global community we are part of. chiidren learn about the world and also learn tools for calming themselves and conducting peaceful conflict resolution. In essence if Montessori method is imbibed globally it will create a lot of solutions to our future generations to come, where they can easily learn the basic principles of independence, freedom, observation and work closely with their environment

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