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  • How Philanthropy University helped Strategic Missions

    Joshua, CEO of SM is a past student of Philanthropy University. At this university, Joshua improved his management skills by gaining a greater understanding of social entrepreneurship through the courses and helped to improve our fundraising through learning more about Fund raising.

    We will improve our fundraising by studying the two new fundraising courses through Philanthropy University. The purpose of this post is also to apply for a grant to fund one our co-workers Kennedy in Kenya. We will purchase a motorbike for him to earn some money as a taxi and enable him to get around to minister to the needs of the orphans and widows. Please read more below about the motivation behind this. And Like the Video presentation we put together or go to Philanthropy University on Facebook.
    #5000stronger @Philanthropy University PROJECT MOTO-MOTO MOTIVATIONAL LETTER for Ndhiwa Children - MOTORBIKE for KENNEDY in Kenya Before Education, clothing and shelter, the greatest need here is food and medicine for the children. In Ndhiwa we have over 2500 orphaned Children. Many are child-led households.
    There is a mentorship program and I am one of the mentors. What I do every day is visit the homes where the orphaned children are. There I make sure that they have food and basic needs. Often I have to engage with neighbours to help the children. The neighbours are often children themselves, possibly with an older sibling who is doing a bit of menial labour to assist the family. Or a widow and her children who might be able to help with a meal or two here and there for the other children. It is harsh and difficult. We do not have much in the way of sponsorship. People sometimes give towards a child's education then that dries up after a few months. Some give a lump sum for food, and again that too dries up. But we are a community that love one another and do our best to help one another.
    The homes here are very wide-spread. The roads are impassable by vehicle and being rural, the rains drag great rifts into the paths making it difficult for even a bicycle to pass through. Anyone visiting our area can only drive so far then has to leave their car and walk some miles to get to the village.
    As a mentor, I can end up walking a whole day and only manage to see between four and six homes. As it gets dark I need to stay in a shelter and then head off the next day to the next area. So, on average, I only manage to get to around 30 homes month. This means that I can't go home every evening to my own family because I would only be visiting the homes nearest to my location.
    For some years I have dreamt of having my own off-road motorbike.
    " Visit more homes
    " See more children
    " Deliver food parcels which children and women collect and walk sometime 8 or more kilometers carrying " Fetch anti-retroviral drugs or medication from the pharmacy and deliver them to the homes " Take sick children to the clinic or fetch a doctor and bring him/her to the village. Worms, Dyssentry, Malnutrition and Malaria are always making the children sick.
    " The transport will enable me to take grain from the neighbouring homes to have it ground up at the little mill in the local town which is 8 km away from where I stay. Many women and children walk this every other day just for one meal.
    " Without clean water, children often suffer from runny tummy and dehydration. Our water comes from the river. The river is used for washing humans, washing clothes, and for animals to drink. It is not clean fresh running water and is stagnant in the dry summer months.
    " Help children to school in winter when the roads are almost flooded " Take pregnant women to the clinic or hospital " Rural employment will be mine as I can offer 'taxi'-transport and earn cash to pay for petrol, servicing my bike and some food for my family and others " There is also the opportunity to help with 'safety first' project, specially for women and children who are a high vulnerable risk going home from work or school " Livestock, which are often the greatest asset to a family are often stolen at night. Children therefore sometimes have to sleep with their livestock in their little huts because they have no other choice. Having a motorbike, will enable me to track and cover greater distance to find stolen livestock.
    " Animals are often caught in terrible situations - I will be able to get help quickly and hopefully save the animal in distress.
    " I will be able to work later instead of having to plan leaving early and get home in the dark. I will have more time with my family.
    As a co-worker with Strategic Missions, I hope my dream for a motorbike becomes a reality.
    Kennedy and the SM Team.#5000stronger Philanthropy university

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