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  • Networking

    ~~ Looking for Co-founders~~

    Dear Impact Entrepreneurs,

    Hope you all are doing well.

    My name is Nirvaan Karn. I am a social entrepreneur based in New Delhi (India), I started 'Humans for Environment And Life on Earth' aka 'H.E.A.L Earth Foundation' with a sole motive to help fight the Clean Air Crisis & challenge the boundaries under which a non-profit is supposed to work in. The purpose was to create an impact and bring about a real visible change by focusing on a single issue.

    Fast forward to over an year today, and I have refined my idea through all that I have seen & read about Climate Crisis & this complex global challenge we face - and that is to work on making 'local communities' sustainable & zero impact in a decentralized & self progressive way & turn it into a model that can be scaled at a very large scale simultaneously.

    I believe that it would be the fastest way to help heal the damage we have caused to our planet - As we would be able to fix the problem at the grass root level without having to deal with the complexities of centralized change involving global dynamics & big corporations.

    I am looking for people with the following skillsets
    A Marketing Whiz - with an appetite of exihibiting 'disrupting creativity' in their craft.
    An Experienced & Passionate Sustainable Development Practisioner with vast experience in planning & implementation of such programmes in a variety of environments - corporates, local communities - from remote villages to fast pace urban settings.
    A human psychology expert with experience on how to deliver effective & impactful content.
    An environment scholar with vast array of inter-disciplinary knowledge.
    A green tech innovator.
    A talented public speaking trainer with demonstrated skillsets & history of work in motivating & mobilizing crowds/clients.

    DM me here or on Linkedin if you are genuinely interested & have any of the skills. Also I would be glad to have a chat with you if you have any suggestions/feedback/ideas or in anyway you think you could help or contribute :)

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