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  • Global social Entrepreneurship Course

    Hello, everyone, my name is Aliu Mohammed, Let discuss, The Social entrepreneurship is an individual business, Owner Control in many Environment.

  • Hi, Let discuss another one, Topics, Social Entrepreneurship are individual who play the role of change agents in the social Sectors.
    Statement Mission types is 4.
    1, memorable
    2, manageable
    3, measurable
    4, motivational.

  • Hey, Everyone, Let see this Topic.
    Mission, Values, and Vision.
    1, vision statement, we envision a future where all children have the nutrition they need to grow into Strong, healthy ad.
    2, Mission statement, our mission is to eliminate the symptoms of Childhood malnutrition for 2 million by distributing nutritional food to Families with infants.
    3, Core Values, many organizations also choose to write down their) Core values as a set of behavioral boundaries and beliefs operate in pursuit of it's goals.
    Their core values are Customer focus, people matter, do the right thing, foster innovation, passion for Literacy you Lastly people planets Profit.

  • Hi, See another one, Let discuss about SIX THEORY OF CHANGES.
    1, Confusing accountability with hope.
    2, Creating mirror instead of a target.
    3, Failing to take external context in to account.
    4, Not confirming the plusibility of your theory.
    5, Creating theory that is not measurable.
    6, Assuming your ' ve figured it all out.

  • Hi, let discuss this Topic, OUTPUTS VS OUTCOMS ND WHY IT MATTERS.
    . OUTPUTS vs OUTCOMES, who cares is an expression I've heard from non-profit and government Leaders more than once

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