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  • The Another Big Challenge in National Prosperity - A Must-Read

    Hi All,

    I'm Venkata Suresh Telu, A Sustainable Business enthusiast. Here, I want to furnish a Social Challenge.
    The debilitating problem of education system that's leading India into the plaguing state of unemployment, less Productivity, discouraging/insulting Pay scales, limited Innovation, worsening Work - Life Satisfaction and eventually, the lower per capita Wealth creation is "Traditional Education system".
    Here in India, the Choice of education and the Career is being decided by 100% external factors for many of the Students. Let us have look at How the Career decision happens for a below cases.

    Case 1: Mr. Charles studying 10th class in a Metropolitan city.
    Might choose his direction based on,

    1. Joined the IIT JEE foundation in 8th class itself because of Parents force and decision.
    2. Just After 10th exams, his uncle who works in Manufacturing sector advised to take MPC (Maths, Physics, Chemistry) in Intermediate (plus 2) and then Mechanical Engineering in Graduation to pursue higher roles in a Plant.
    3. Or, he himself took decision to become a Police after seeing a character in Movie.

    Case 2: Ms. Ramya completed 10th class in a village.
    Might Choose based on,

    1. Her teacher's suggestion to take Polytechnic course or Teacher course with his/her limited knowledge in absence of the awareness on emerging trends.
    2. Because, all of her friends has joined CEC (Commerce, Economics and Civics) in intermediate (Plus 2).
    3. Availability of courses (limited) in the Colleges around her village and in commutable distance.

    There are many different cases and many other factors which are leading the "Grapes to Papaya's pack" i.e. a student with finance interests & traits to Software field which actually, won't fit.

    These kinds of decisions towards Career are resulting into dissatisfaction, stressful job, Inferiority, stagnating Skills, Stagnating income, miserable, unhappy family life, etc. in majority of individuals and eventually, to the "more clerical man power and the plaguing National productivity"

    The continuing trends of employing Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, etc. engineers in Software companies, and employing MTech, MBA and MSc students merely at RS. 12000/Month ($ 170/Month) can be the evidence of degrading educational standards and the productivity.

    Despite of need for the resolution in Education System across the India, there can be other institutional solutions which will help students to identify their Interests & Capabilities, nurtures them with knowledge on various Industries, Technologies and other Global Opportunities, and with required Information, guidance and assistance in the career path/opportunities which sparks his/her capabilities and interests. On other hand, the solution also designs various activities to make education more fun and experiential.

    Our team is working on this challenge.
    Can you join the hands with your views, suggestions, personal experience or any kind of observations?

    Thanks & Regards,
    Venkata Suresh telu

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