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  • Education barriers in life

    Hi My name is abdikariim
    I think I'm new here but I would like to share you a little Information about Educations barriers in children Specially African students.
    Most African children are still illiterate don't read and write where the Whole world have got education and learnt .
    Itsn't their fault but it is lack awareness and their parents don't understand the fact of education That is my point of view not What exactly is thanks all you community education

  • Hi abdikariim , the most lacking aspect of the whole development for change process is lack of a strong advocacy movement within the broader development core, politicians wont build schools , with shrinking budgets, neither do they want to raise awareness and see multitudes reporting for registration or demand school infrastructure, education is a basic right and its only advocacy that can place it at household, community, regional and national level

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