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  • Introduction of financial education in schools

    Hey there
    As you may know, schools lack financial education and it is important that this is available to avoid trapping ourselves in the "Rat race" and so i thought this should be a discussion

  • Hi; I am new here,but i think you are right

  • Course Facilitator

    @MumbiBanda I will be so grateful if you can give more inputs to ease the explicit articulation of your thoughts on "financial education in schools". Does this mean the financial resources of a school or something else?

  • This is a topic that is hugely ignored in South Africa, my country. Fact of the matter is that 'finances' are part of each and every human being, no human can avoid financial utilisation. Therefore isn't it wise to start educating children about finances as soon as they are taught about hygiene?

    I get your point and we need to sleep on this topic cos I for one am a financial management flop, can't allow my son to fall also.

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