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  • ADVOCACY: Why this passion? Can I be cured?

    We usually use the fives senses to see, smell, taste, hear and feel, these innate abilities are extraordinary, they make us know a delicious delicacy is not just tasty filled but also a pleasant sight and aroma to the nose, next time you see a plate, your imagination can supply the rest
    But what about when you are in a world of stench oppression
    Sight filled with horrendous atrocious murders
    Emotional empathy fired at every sight of rape and oppression of the poor
    Your senses of hearing channels to your heart every news of another oppression
    Sight pales, ears ache, heart sobs
    You wanna get healed
    Immuned and inured...most folks do, they get along, resigned to fate, they develop a coping system even as the yoke get overlayed on and on, adaptive and helpless, sighing and moving on, dying daily under the yoke
    Why can't I ?
    Why can't I just turn a blind eye, deaf ear and inured heart?
    I lack the genes, and advocacy is my pill

    Oladokun Oladiran Boniface (MSc Biochemistry) advocate against the killings, plundering and oppression of the poor farmers of Ibarapaland, the agrarian community of Oyo state, Nigeria facing tremendous rampages of armed fulani herdsmen who are constantly grazing on their farms and plundering the land. As a member of Better Initiative for Ibarapa Land (BIIL), we want the world to know lives are being lost daily in the remotest area with no media coverage

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