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  • Hi Namibia

    Re: Introduce yourself to the community!

    Hi everyone! I am a coach & HR consultant for HR Line. It's a social enterprise that offers HR Consulting to organisations, as well as career support to youth, vulnerable Namibians, job-seekers, employees, and leaders. We're fundraising for a centre for job seekers so we're getting granular on our awareness to be able to fundraise like champions. Wish you all well on your courses and looking forward to hearing from you.

  • @carmenmarisa hi Carmen, how are you doing?

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  • @Michael_DAngelo said in Hi Namibia:

    @carmenmarisa hi Carmen, how are you doing?

    Good thanks. You? Tell us about yourself.

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  • @carmenmarisa said in Hi Namibia:

    @Michael_DAngelo said in Hi Namibia:

    @carmenmarisa hi Carmen, how are you doing?

    Good thanks. You? Tell us about yourself.

    I am a Coach for North Chess Academy based in Ongwediva. Currently studying Secondary Education. Most children and youth in our communities here do not have any positive social clubs so they spend most of their leisure time in mischief or drugs etc. North Chess Academy is a community based social club that allows people to meet and train for Chess and also to be able to travel around Namibia. Chess is a board game that enables players to think, take responsibility for their choices and actions, builds social skills, promotes good sportsmanship, to mention but a few. To stay afloat in his market world, youth need not only to focus on the academic performance (Intelligence Quotient) but also they need to build their Social and Emotional Quotients so they van be more effective in society. So we try to reach out to as many interested youth as we can and many have been doing exceptionally well and some parent are actually confirming how this program actually changing their kids. I think that's about it for now

  • Hi Michael, your initiative sounds amazing! Do you have a website?

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