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  • How to Tackle the Issues bothering LGBT COMMUNITY]

    Re: How to Tackle the Issues bothering LGBT COMMUNITY

    Hi there, there's this worrying issue affecting our society today, that's about working and coping with people with a different sexual orientation than what it suppose to be, lots of time I ponder within me If this is true that some born with a male, female structure and with male, or female reproductive organs suddenly change to the opposite, and it's been worrysome, these are Question I have to ask 1. Is LGBT (LESBIAN, GAY BISEXUAL AND TRANSGENDER FOR REAL? OR IS IT A PYSCHOLOGICAL PROBLEM WHICH NEEDS EXPERT ATTENTION? HOW DO WE TARGET THIS, IF YOU ARE AGAINST THEIR BELIEFS HOW DO YOU WORK WITH THEM, WITH THEIR PRESENCE EVERYWHERE TRYING TO PRESSURIZED THE GOVERNMENT TO LEGALIZED THEIR RIGHT AND EXISTENCE DO YOU FEEL IS PROPER TO LEGALIZED THEIR BELIEFS, OR HOW DO WE HELP THEM RETURN TO THEIR NORMAL SELF IF YOU FEEL IS NOT PROPER TO HOLD SUCH BELIEFS AND CLAIM SUCH SEXUAL ORIENTATION, FEEL FREE TO EXPRESS YOUR VIEWS AND BELIEVES,,

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