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  • [ Partnership Search] Upgrading the Nigerian National Security Infrastructure.

    Matters of security have to be taken into consideration before ANY sustainable socio economic activity can thrive. In recognition of this threat and all its manifestations, under a new management, our company has expanded its product line to include sales and services of High Tech - Long distance surveillance systems to protect the numerous critical Infrastructure sites, Oil/ Gas pipelines and installations and crisis areas along the borders. (All of which have suffered severe victimization over the last decade).
    The threat posed by poor border control/ security is a major issue for International and National Security. The current global migrant crisis is a noteworthy example, (If one can picture a scenerio with Zero or minimal border control, which is currently the case in Nigeria) This proposal is an invitation to facilitating sustainable security to people living and working in border areas ravaged by the boko haram insurgence and providing the necessary long term security for reconstruction and rehabilitation of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). Apart from making a big difference, it is also a profitable venture.
    Registered in Nigeria, Coatland Nigeria Limited, is a Security and Safety Consultancy Company , we have developed a wide range of proactive, counterterrorism strategies that we offer our target markets in The Nigerian Government, Oil and Gas multinationals, the Power and Telecoms Industries.
    At this point, we do not know of any other Local, Private Security Company that offers this service to provide the government's demand and we will fill this gap.
    And we utilize the skills and experience of our retired law enforcement personnel.
    As demand for power increases, so does the drive to build more nuclear power plants. Each of these has to be protected from potential terrorist activity.
    Having unprotected perimeters means unprotected assets, unprotected people, and inevitably, security breaches. The ramifications of these breaches can be catastrophic so the threat of intrusion remains a prime concern to all critical Infrastructures and major facilities.

    Improving the lives of people—and contributing to a more resilient society—requires breakthrough ideas and approaches, game changing strategies, collaborations, and continuous innovation. Behind all these is the need to create a conducive environment for these people. This is the NEED for Security.

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