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  • Betting tips need

    Depends what u think when u say strategy in sports betting... Play what everybody play? U will always lose at the end.. because there will always at least one better team fail each time.
    Can you can earn in short time, or make a decent amount of money of it? YES. How?

    Well I can tell you how u can't, and that's if you play on your own.. Favorites and 'safe' odds are sure but only for bookies, in reality there is no ‘oh it’s gonna win for sure’ because they got better squad.

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  • Hello, when I first decided to take up sports betting, it was more out of curiosity than out of hope for a serious win, choose your sport and I have always been a fan of basketball, watched the matches, knew the statistics of players and teams, but never thought that this can bring me money. I made my first bet on the victory of my favorite team in the local championship. I chose a bookmaker, registered and deposited a small amount into my account, after which I started making big money.

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