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  • What Factors To Consider While Buying Macaron Boxes In Bulk?

    If you are wondering how to get macaron boxes in bulk and what rates are the best for a certain number of packages, we are here to answer your queries. But before answering these questions, let us first go through the importance of finding a good and reputable packaging company.

    Finding a packaging company for your brand is not as hard as clicks; you have the results in front of you within seconds. What’s hard is to find a good company that will give you what you want in packaging.

    Finding a good packaging company isn’t gambling that you contact the first name you saw on the list. Remember that your reputation does not solely depend on the product’s quality. It also depends on your packaging, and in turn, on the packaging company, you will sign a deal with.

    Therefore, the following are some factors you need to keep in mind while searching for a good packaging company.

    • What Is Their Experience?

    • Do They Offer Samples?

    • Are They Providing Free Quotes?

    • What Packaging Material Do They Have?

    • What Is Their Shipment Procedure?

    • What Customisations Can They Provide?

    What Is Their Experience?

    A good packaging company comes with a good experience. On the one hand, it is a great option to go for those packaging companies that have been in business for more than a couple of years. On the contrary, you can also look at their experience with their clients.

    Experience is not always about the years but the clients as well. If the company is relatively new, like a year into the business or months, but they have previously worked with a client, you can always look at their portfolio.

    Try searching for companies with experience. Don’t go to the one that has never taken any clients and has just started. You don’t need to be the tester when you know your bakery can be at stake if the macaron packaging is not what the customers always look for.

    You must be vigilant while choosing a packaging company to have the best macaron boxes. Your macaron boxes bulk buying needs to be worthy of the packaging you are ordering.

    Do They Offer Samples?

    See if the packaging companies provide you with sample boxes. Your macaron packaging can only be worthy once you know what type of boxes they are making. Asking for a sample is your right to see whether the box quality and the color models are what you want to have on your macaron boxes.

    Once you ask for a sample, you learn a lot about the packaging company. A free sample will tell you about the material they use for their boxes. It will tell you about the designs and printing on the boxes and whether the colour appears sharper or brighter.

    You can look at all these factors through a sample, so asking for one is a must while you sign a deal with them later.

    What Rates Are They Providing?

    Macaron boxes wholesale rates are better than those of the market rates, and you have to check whether the said packaging company is providing you with reasonable rates or not.

    Keep in touch with more than one packaging company to see the variation they offer in the rates. You must visit many factors while looking at the rates of the macaron boxes.

    The rates must coordinate with the material you are using and the customisations on the boxes. If any company charges you more or less, you must take that as a negative sign and move to another packaging company.

    Most companies offer special discounts and provide a specific number of boxes. You may avail those opportunities by buying these boxes in bulk.

    What Packaging Material Do They Have?

    Generally, there are four main types of packaging materials that brands usually use for their products. These are:

    • Paperboard Boxes

    • Cardboard Boxes

    • Kraft Boxes

    • Corrugated Cardboard

    • Rigid Boxes

    You might not need rigid boxes for macaron boxes, but you can use all the other types of packaging materials. Ask the packaging companies what options they provide you with for your macaron boxes.

    These options are sustainable, and using these options is not only going to help in saving ecology, but it also helps in saving money upfront.

    Each material has something unique and different to offer. While paperboard boxes are the lightest and help save money upfront, they are also unsuitable for securing more than one macaron. They are a perfect fit for individual macarons.

    What Is Their Shipment Procedure?

    Please look at their shipment procedure and see what services they use and how safe the shipment procedure is. But other than that, you also need to see whether or not they provide a timely shipment.

    The packaging company needs to be punctual because failing to provide you with the boxes in time will result in loss. Your customers will turn away if you don’t have the macaron box packaging in your bakery.

    Another essential thing to note is the shipment procedure. Whether the service they are using is trustworthy or not? If the package is lost on its way, what kind of recovery will the company provide? All these things need to be looked at carefully so you don’t end up with any loss on your end.

    What Customisations Can They Provide?

    Custom macaron boxes will help you with sales but choosing the right packaging company is very important. You need to see what kind of customisations the company is willing to provide and at what costs.

    Customizations can save and add to the overall price spent on an individual box. It depends on how you want to style your packages. For instance, giving your parcels a minimal look will help you save money as minima al look often uses monochrome with just the brand’s name in the middle. It will help you in cutting the overall price while retaining a class.

    You can also go for a sustainable look if you want to save money. This idea helps you to choose the regular brown packaging material and use a black soy-ink on it to keep the overall rates mini8mum.

    Following are the things you need to ensure they have:

    • Different Add-Ons

    • All The Famous Finishes

    • Different Box Styles

    • Several Printing Options

    • Various Colour Models

    You must see if they offer window patches because your macaron boxes will look presentable with window patches. They help the customers take a good look and check that the order is what they want.

    You also have to see what kind of box styles they have. You might not always want to have tuck-end boxes, do you? Having sleeve boxes is also a beautiful box style, so why not try these different box styles?

    Then comes the finishes. See if they have the following finishes because who knows which one you might need for your macaron box?

    • Embossing

    • Debossing

    • Spot UV

    • Foil Stamping

    • Matte

    • Gloss

    Embossing and debossing help raise or substantially affect the selected part, respectively. You can use them to highlight your brand’s logo or the macaron flavors. They can have no additional colour, known as blind embossing/debossing, or you can add extra colour to make them prominent.

    Spot UV helps in producing a unique shine on the selected part. Doing so on your logo will give that a premium look, and the fixed portion will also be waterproof.

    Foil stamping makes your packaging feel royal with gold or silver foil. Using your brand’s logo that way is a perfect idea, as it helps keep the royal look intact.

    Matte and gloss help in taking out different auras of the packaging box. Matte helps bring out the sober and decent look, while camouflage helps in more of a shiny and funky look. Both of them help in enhancing the overall outlook of the boxes.

    Do they offer lithography or digital printing? Which color models do they use, RGB or CMYK? It would help if you went in-depth to see what looks better for your macaron packaging and then went for that one accordingly.

    If a company has limited options in terms of colour models or printing methods, you might need to find a better company that serves more options.

    Summarising The Above Discussion

    These are a few factors you must keep in mind before hunting for the macaron boxes bulk buying. A good packaging company does not mean it will have chap rates. But it means it provides you with all the necessary customisations you need for your packaging.

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