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  • What is the significance of M&E?

    Accountability: M&E helps organizations to be accountable to their stakeholders by providing evidence of progress towards achieving their goals and objectives.

    Learning: M&E provides an opportunity for organizations to learn from their experiences, identify what works and what doesn't, and make changes to improve program effectiveness.

    Evidence-based decision making: M&E provides evidence that is useful for decision-making, enabling organizations to make informed decisions about resource allocation, program improvement, and strategy development.

    Transparency: M&E promotes transparency by providing stakeholders with information about program implementation, progress, and results.

    Program improvement: M&E provides organizations with the information they need to improve their programs and services, and to demonstrate the impact of their interventions.

    Resource optimization: M&E helps organizations to optimize the use of resources by identifying areas where resources are being underutilized or wasted, and reallocating them to more effective programs or activities.

    Communication: M&E provides a platform for communication and dialogue between stakeholders, enabling them to share information, identify challenges, and work together to find solutions

  • M&E is significant because it helps organizations to be accountable, learn, make evidence-based decisions, promote transparency, improve programs, optimize resources, and facilitate communication and dialogue among stakeholders.

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