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  • Indicators

    How do we identify indicators of a project??

    2 Replies
  • Pour identifier les indicateurs d'un projet, cet indicateur doit pouvoir etre calculer avec 4 opérations ( addition, soustraction, multiplication et division. Céla vous permet d'y intégré les notions de moyenne et de pourcentage.

  • Les indicateurs doivent etre simple, mesurable, accessible révelateur.

  • Etant donné l'aspect dynamique du contexte dans lequel s'inscrit votre projet il est important de mesurer de façon continu son évolution et façon ponctuelles ses effets.

  • I think choosing project indicators is a step-by-step process. First, understand your project goals and what stakeholders want. Look at your project plans and pick indicators that make sense and can be measured well. Use experts' advice, test your choices, and make sure they're sensitive to changes. As your project goes on, keep checking and adjusting your indicators, and collect data for them. This helps you track how well your project is doing and make good decisions based on the data.

  • Indicators of a project can be identified by examining the project objectives and the results that are expected to be achieved in relation to those objectives. This involves looking at the project plan, the timeline, the budget, and the resources needed to complete the project. Additionally, performance indicators can be identified by looking at the output of the project and assessing the degree to which they meet the objectives. These indicators can include metrics such as cost, time, quality, and customer satisfaction. By tracking these indicators, project managers can measure the progress and success of a project.

  • Indicators in a project are often referred to as the basic units or building blocks that help measure progress, performance, and impact. They serve as quantifiable metrics that provide insights into the project's achievements and areas that may need improvement, allowing for informed decision-making and effective project management.

  • From what i understood from the module one of the factors to consider when choosing or identifying your indictors is to understand your projects goal. once there is an understanding to what your goal is you are able to identify your indicators. since indicators assist in measuring the success of your project it is important to understand your project goal in order to select strong indicators that can help you measure your progress.

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