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  • Data collection and management

    Parts of the M&E system include but not limited to:
    • Data Verification
    • Data Quality
    • Data Analysis & Use and many others

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  • • Data Verification
    • Data Quality
    • Data Analysis & Use and many others

  • I think it's important to remember these things when collecting and managing data, especially for M&E:

    • To commence data collection, it's crucial to establish a clear purpose and identify the necessary data sources, followed by designing appropriate data collection tools.

    • Determine your sampling approach, conduct pilot tests for refinement.

    • Address ethical considerations and commence data collection, emphasizing accuracy.

    • Implement quality control to minimize errors, manage and store data securely, and validate and clean collected data.

    • Plan your data analysis, verify data accuracy, and analyze the findings for reporting.

    • Lastly, ensure proper data retention and archiving while continuously seeking ways to improve your data collection process.

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