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  • My online exam experience and top tips

    The Covid-19 epidemic has had a profound impact on everyone's lives, including students. In the last year, it has been impossible to go back to University and take our exams as usual. So, online assessments were necessary. It seems that the semester's online exams will continue.

    Online exams can be intimidating because they are new and unknown for many. My friends all agree that the online exam helped ease exam stress, and allows students to focus on subject knowledge rather than passing an exam.

    After taking several online exams, it was time for me to share my experiences and offer some advice to you regarding the upcoming assessment period. .

    How to prepare for an internet exam
    Online exams have been very helpful for me. I find myself less thinking about the practicalities, and more focused on revision. I truly value taking the time for study and reading into topics. It is much more rewarding than trying to memorise everything to pass a test.

    It is a great opportunity to learn more about your subject, and even expand your knowledge, especially if the exam is open book. It is helpful to organize the content into short, easy-to-read notes. This will give you quick access to the relevant information during the examination as well as a source bank of material for future reference.

    It is vital to remember that revision is still necessary, even for online exam. Lack of preparation can cause stress, which will only make the exam more difficult. Be confident that you can control the exam and have the ability to do so in a way you never have before.

    Where to sit for your online examination
    The best part about the online format was sitting at my computer desk, rather than in an examination area. I enjoyed the change and was less anxious. There was no exam hall with intimidating invigilators or hundreds tapping their pens. These were perfect exam conditions, I would say!

    Even though it's your home, I urge you to be fully clothed, well-fed, and set up a study space that is comfortable. Triple-check your Wifi connection prior to starting and make sure that your household knows how to keep the noise down. If you experience technical difficulties, keep calm and make a note. They will appreciate that technology can be complicated and will not punish you for having to deal with it.

    Online exams don't need to look like traditional exams. What is great about online assessments is that you have full control of your environment. It is important for you to be comfortable.

    When to take your online examinations
    Sometimes I feel so rushed when taking a traditional exam that it is difficult to organize my thoughts into coherent answers. Online exams allow me to think more deeply and structure my answers better because there is less pressure.

    You can't expect to finish all your exams in just one day. Rome wasn't built in a day. You must take the time necessary to read each one and then allow yourself breaks to reorient your thinking. The extra time will allow you to think deeply about the questions and the best way to answer them.

    Final thoughts
    Online exams can be just as effective and efficient as traditional format. There has been some controversy about that. Online assessments are a great option for me. I find it easier, less stressful, and it assesses more than just memorization. These exams were fun, although I wouldn't say so.

    Remain calm, stay prepared, and do what you can. This is all anyone can expect of you, whether online or in-person.

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