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  • Listen to COVID news on the radio

    Online radio is a digital music service transmitted over the Internet. This is different from conventional broadcasting, as it is not broadcast publicly by radio en direct waves. Instead, users can optimize a selected radio station or stream an audio track online. These streams are normally referred to as live streaming because they are not transmitted widely over the airwaves. The term live is used here primarily because the streams are transmitted without stopping.

    For most people, the appeal of online radio and music streaming are ease of listening and flexibility of the schedule. The convenience of streaming can come in handy in the daily activities of life. It is quite possible that multitasking people are multiple while listening to live radio streams as internet does not limit user activities. One can easily switch between applications and play different tracks at the same time. Likewise, Streaming offers the possibility of listening to music at work while being in the office.

    Listening to radio broadcasts online has other benefits as well. People can listen to Internet radio broadcasts at any time, provided they have a computer connected to the World Wide Web. Plus, people can choose the particular program or song that resonates with them. They don't have to listen to multiple programs to find one they like to listen to. Listeners don't have to stop listening to a radio show that has started to irritate them. They simply switch to another channel that is no longer irritating.

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