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  • Dealing with letting go of a failed project.

  • Letting go of a project that failed isn't that easy especially when you have bonded with the project.
    I had this issue with a project i was working at. I wrote a book for the young people, but there was a challenge. People usually don't read especially the young people. I tried selling to the young people but my efforts did not make a head way. I thought of what to do, then i fixed a contest where the winners will go with fanastic cash prizes but they can only prepare for the contest if they read my book.

    This time people responded but on a negative side. The contest was tagged; The Millionaire's Maths Contest. Almost everyone in my contact was of the opinion that they can't enter for the contest because they don't know Maths. It was difficult letting go at that point as i already fixed date for the contest, i was believing for a miracle and things would just change. The date was fast approaching and it was obvious that it was not going as planned, then a friend i complained to suggest i should let go of the contest and disregard what people would say, then go back to my drawing board. He suggested that i should consider changing the name of the contest by removing Maths from it. I did and called it "The young millionaires challenge" and people enrolled.

    So keeping an open mind and paying knee attention to danger signs in a project is crucial. If it's not working, try pausing to troubleshoot.

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  • @Defavourite fantastic advice. When working on a project, we have to continue the progress to see if it is on track and if not make necessary changes. I hope your project worked out in the end.

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  • Sure! It did. I sold 372 of the book.

  • Yeah this is so true, young people don't read easily unless there is a freebie or gift that can benefit them, attached to it. Nice one.

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