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  • Weekly Welcome 7-AUG-2018 for Fundraising and Resource Mobilization

    Hello! We are trying something new to welcome everyone to the Fundraising and Resource Mobilization community of practice!

    We are welcoming those who are new to this discussion space in the last week. The idea is to welcome new members each week and connect with each other so we have our own network for learning and improving the civil society work we do.

    There were over 300 people who joined last week from the Measurement and Evaluation course! Wow! I can’t list them all or it might break the system. I randomly chose 50 people, but please join in and introduce yourself.

    Let’s meet some of the people doing good work around the world!

    Reply and tell us:
    1. What project are you trying to raise funds or organize for?

    2. Why are you working on that project?

    3. What is one lesson you have learned recently?


    We are so happy to have you here! You can come here when you need support in with Fundraising and Resource Mobilization and we encourage you to come back and help others with their challenges when you can.

    For everyone else, be sure to reply to people who are new and introducing themselves. Commenting in a new space can feel a little intimidating so let's give them a reply so they know we are in this together.

  • 8 Replies
  • Course Ambassador

    Want to raise money for the project of Development of children in Tanzania.

    Problem statement
    Malnutrition is a key of poor child growth and development, including early cognitive development, young child deaths among children less than 5 years old. Global statistics of malnutrition show that one in four children in worldwide is stanted SCiT 2012, 80% of stunted live in just 20 countries. And Tanzania is one of 10 countries worst affected country in the world TDHS 2010, also t about 130 children die every day in Tanzania, from causes related to malnutrition and it is the single greatest cause of child deaths in the country. The efforts are needed to support parents to ensure that their child are growth well during the mother's pregnancy and continuing until the child is 5 years old.

    The experience show that lack of knowledge on nutrition, infants and young child feeding, shortage of health workers and volunteer community workers trained in infants and young child feeding, lack of income to purchase nutritious food, low status of women in society, lack of entrepreneurship education, including absence of multi- stakeholders nutrition constituency encompassing a wide range of sector working on nutrition sensitive intervention are among the factors leading existing malnutrition problem especially in rural areas of Tanzania.
    How will this project solve the problem

    The project will dealing with this problem by increase awareness on importance of infants and young child feeding to parents, health workers, families, CSOs; increase nutrition and incomes to parents to enable them to give their children the best start of life and strengthen on nutrition multi-sectral committee to increase efforts to support parents to ensure that their child are growth well during the mother's pregnancy and continuing until the child is 5 years old.

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