@Jason said in Introduce yourself to the community!:

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the China community of practice! My name is Jason and I’m a community manager here at Philanthropy University.

Please use this topic to introduce yourselves to everyone else in the community. What is your name? Where do you live? Where do you work? What is your role? Why did you choose to join this community?

Dear China Community! I am Chau, German philanthropist. I am a Sinologist and have worked in development cooperation in the last years, mainly in Germany and Southeast Asia in financial sector development, energy or in charity. Just left Myanmar for Shanghai and currently open for new sustainable work opportunities. I hope Philanthropy University courses and the China community will strengthen my network and knowledge base in order to easier find a suitable new role in China. Do you have any leads for me? Pls reach out to me. I appreciate it! Good day!