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Hi everyone,

Welcome to the Fiji community of practice! My name is Jason and I’m a community manager here at Philanthropy University.

Please use this topic to introduce yourselves to everyone else in the community. What is your name? Where do you live? Where do you work? What is your role? Why did you choose to join this community?

My name is Kasilia.
I live in Suva and work for Bright Little Ones Children's Services as an Educator and an advocate for the Mobile Children's Services.
I choose this community because of it's potential to help improve my skills and knowledge and also because I live here.

Bula Kasilia
I came across a mobile kindergarten/play school during one of the festivals and I happen to have a brief chat with the the educator on that day, prior to that chat, I was excited to see that we have mobile kindergarten/play school. I'm not sure if you know about that, and I gathered that UNDP is the main funder for that. It is a very wonderful idea where we can still look after our little ones during festivals and other great events around Fiji , especially providing a safe sound and constructive space for them.