@nwadiuto said in Introduce yourself to the community! -Human and Civil Rights:

Hello everyone. My name is Aka Maduakolam. I live and work in the South Eastern part of Nigeria. I am a lawyer and the President of Amicus Centre for Justice a local NGO aimed at providing free legal services to poor persons especially those incarcerated in prison without trial. I joined this community to learn how to be more efficient in what I love doing which is giving back.

Welcome Aka ( @Nwadiuto ), it is great to have you in this community!

It is so wonderful to hear about your role as President of Amicus Centre for Justice. It sounds like a tremendous organization. Can you share more about what motivates you in your work on Human and Civil Rights? Do you have advice or questions for other in this community? It would be great to hear more!

Thank you for being here and welcome to the community :)