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Hello everyone!

Today we are starting a new weekly tradition of welcoming all of our new members in the India Community of Practice!

Welcome new members! We are so excited to have you here. Please respond and introduce yourselves to the Community! Please also tell us:

1: What would you like to discuss, share, or learn about in this Community?

2: What are your professional goals?

3: Anything else you would like to tell us :)

All other members ( @all ) : Please welcome our new members by replying to their posts! Let's make sure everyone feels welcome and is excited to collaborate.

This will be a great way to meet some of the people doing great work around the country and help each other collaborate on important ideas.

Welcome everyone!

@Mark_G It is great to see such an initiative. I would like to discuss the several developmental aspects in different countries as it is a common platform for so many people to come and present their opinion. I want to excel in this field by learning more and more from the experiences of others. Thank you.

Thank you @abhishekpandey19 for following up! I agree that our Philanthropy University Communities are great places to discuss with others from around the world!

In the India Community, it would be great if people from around the country could connect and discuss their experiences here :)

@Mark_G yes that would be great..!!