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Hi everyone,

Welcome to the Niger community of practice! My name is Jason and I’m a community manager here at Philanthropy University.

Please use this topic to introduce yourselves to everyone else in the community. What is your name? Where do you live? Where do you work? What is your role? Why did you choose to join this community?

My name is Ibrahima Karbo Habibou, living in Niger, working as Regional Representive of Adaptative Social protection project at Dosso/Niger. I joined the community to share knowledge upon project management project monitoring on topics covering cash based interventions, food security and nutrition targeting poors and vulnerables households...i ready held three courses at philanthropy university : planning for monitoring and evaluation , Fundamentals of project management, and From Data collection to data use.. Really these courses help me increase my skills and offer me significants competencies to work better in project implementing...