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Hi everyone,

Welcome to the Argentina community of practice! My name is Jason and I’m a community manager here at Philanthropy University.

Please use this topic to introduce yourselves to everyone else in the community. What is your name? Where do you live? Where do you work? What is your role? Why did you choose to join this community?

Hi Jason,
My name is Sergio Raspo, I live in the City of San Guillermo, province of Santa Fe (http://www.comunasanguillermo.com.ar/) follow this link you can quick references.
Am currently working in the state, am a clerk in a health center. But my background comes from the cooperative and mutuals.
The reason of why I decide to joined at this community? I think we have a lot at thing to do to improve our quality of life, and by the way, social entrepreneurship can be a perfect tool.
Recently I explore the Human-centered-design concept offer by Acumen.
so I excited to be here and hope I can learn, master the concept and then apply it.
see you.

Bienvenidos Sergio! Great to have you here.

So awesome that you've already taken the human-centered design course by Acumen and are now interested in social entrepreneurship. Have you seen social entrepreneurship being taken up in Argentina at all? Are you looking to change careers?